Hunting and Hungary, which owns and operates the Château Mátra retreat, has been delivering exclusive wing shooting and big game hunting experiences since 2001. All-year-round wild boar and mouflon hunting, and seasonal hunting of red deer, fallow deer and game birds ensure you a guaranteed thrill and a bountiful bag. The geography and natural environment of the territory make it ideally suited for practising wildlife management and our professional team constantly looks to integrate traditional Hungarian approaches to managing wildlife with the characteristics of the land itself. Set within the 3,000 hectare Bodony hunting territory and surrounded by the natural beauty of the Mátra hills, Château Mátra is located an 80-minute drive north-east of the Hungarian capital city of Budapest. The great variety of game inhabiting the territory ensures a number of hunting methods may be used, from driven and walked-up shoots to high-seat hunting and stalking, all bespoke to your particular needs and interests.

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