2007. July • 18.

The Győr-Sopron-Ebenfurt Railway Corp. (GYSEV Corp.) is a company with 134 years of operational background. After the border revisions following World War the State of Austria, by its announcement of 1923 entered the concession of GYSEV Corp., simultaneously issuing a separate concession for the lines of GYSEV on Austrian territory as an Austrian private company. This state of the company hasn’t change since then, which means that GYSEV Corp. is a unified company with a seat in Sopron that runs two, from the point of ownership, economy and accounting system individual enterprises operating on the territory of two states according to the regulations of the respective countries. The main activity of GYSEV Corp. is the management of railway passenger and goods traffic between the stations Győr and Ebenfurt, Sopron and Szombathely, as well as between the stations Fertőszentmiklós and Neusiedl am See on the line of the Fertő Lakeland Railway Corporation.

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