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The reconstructed termal bath located in the Szigetköz region opened its gates in 2002, which is one of the most modern baths of Hungary in its appearance and facilities. The spring water is of low firmness, sodium-hydrogen, carbonate, fluoride medicinal healing water. Services include thermal pools, experience pool, children pools, swimmingpool and various sport facilities. The Thermal Bath is opened from 1st May to 30th September. The site is also available in Slovak language.

The examinations confirmed that this water contains Calcium, Magnesium, Chloride, Hydrogen-carbonate and Sulphide ion. Due to this it appertains to the group of the sulphurous mineral water. The founts attend the bath lying on an 11 hectare area, which contains: an open-air divided pool, water temperature: 33-37 Co, sizes: 50x30m, 1,3m deepness, an open-air pool, water temperature: 37Co, sizes: 7x12m, 1,m deepness, a wave pool, water temperature: 24 Co, sizes: 50x20m, 0,2-2,5m deepness, a round pool, water temperature: 24 Co, sizes: 64m caliber, 1-1,4 m deepness, a three-piece indoor pool, water temperatures: 36 Co, 38 Co, 40 Co, sizes: 20x11m, 0,8 m deepness, an indoor swimming pool, water temperature: 24-26 Co, sizes: 33×17 m and the therapeutic pools: a weight bath, five bathtub with water-jet, cab for mud-pack and massage and a sauna. The site is also available in Polish language.

The spa and open-air bath of Harkány has around 180 year-old history. The excellent natural environment, the health-providing quality of the water and the superb surroundings made Harkány a well-known spa. The spa was instituted by the Batthyány family which was developed rapidly in that age. Harkány as a “family bathing place” is waiting for all guests, all the year round. The spa, Wellness Bath and open-air bath, a 1.350.000 square meters park, covered resting places, 3 medicinal and 5 swimming water pools and a great water slide are waiting for the visitors. The site is also available in Croatian.

Gyula is called righteously a city of spas, famous health-resort by the public opinion for 50 years. The main attraction of the city having a population of 35,000 is the Castle Bath taking pride in 1 000 000 well-contented guests per year. The heart of the city providing primarily the appeal of Gyula is formed by the ancient monument group of the mediaeval Castle and the spa connecting to it organically. The minister of health declared the 72 oC water of the Castle Bath, coming from the deepness of 2004 m to be medicated water in 1969, the bath to be spa in 1971 and the environment of the spa to be health-resort in 1985. After the reconstruction in 2002, the Castle Bath has emerged as the newest, most modern bath and spa of European standard in the South Great Plain region, where pleasure pools, children’s water paradise, effervescent or wave pools and giant or kamikaze slides provide all age-groups with perfect amusement. The site is also available in Russian, Polish, Romanian and Serbian languages.

In the regional centre of north-eastern Hungary, in the resort area of Miskolc, well-known for its therapeutic effects since the 16th century, spring water with a temperature of 30 °C in cave passages unique in Europe, elements of an entertainment bath, an outdoor swimming pool and a children’s swimming pool in the garden. Services of the medicinal compound: hydrotherapy, tangentor, medicinal and refreshing massage, electrotherapy, rheumatological specialist’s consultation, sauna. The site is also available in Polish and Slovak languages.

Everything about the all-year and seasonal baths of Budapest: Csepel, Csillaghegy, Dagály, Dandár, Gellért, Király, Lukács, Palatinus, Paskál, Pesterzsébet, Pünkösdfürdő, Római, Rudas, Széchenyi, Újpest.

The water of the spa comes from 1344 m at 52 °C. It is mild medicinal water with high fluoride and sodium hydro-carbonate content, which is proper for treating rheumatic and joint problems, curing locomotor disorders, gynaecological diseases and facilitating rehabilitation from operations and accident surgery follow-up treatments.

The history of the medicinal bath operated by the Kiskunmajsa Jonathermál JSC is looking back to the mid of the 1980’s years. In 2001, the approximately 400 m2 water surface and more than 10 attraction adventure pool has been set to operation. In 2003, the establishment has been expanded with an entertainment and conference room, which is suitable to accept 120 persons, that has services to be the spot of conferences, trainings or even family arrangements. A new investment of the year 2004 is a 300 m2 water surface multifunction children and sliding pool, which pool is waiting the guests from June of 2004. The site is also available in Polish language.

Indoor and outdoor pools: from the medical pools to the spectacular fountain pools, from the children’s pools to the open-air swimming pool, altogether ten pools provide therapeutic and wellness programmes with almost 1,400 square metres water surface. Inside the several-storeyed roofed building a spectacular fountain pool, two hip pools, a children’s pool, a therapeutic pool, buoyancey, underwater jet massage baths, a gym, therapeutic and wellness massage, physiotherapy treatments, sauna and solarium serve for, healing, refreshment and relaxation all year round. A 19,000 square metres park covered with flowers and a promenade surrounded by trees attract to take a walk. A boat lake, sports fields, playgrounds and an open-air theatre provide its sport, animated and cultural programmes. From the intimate terrace of the restaurant there is a beautiful view of the spa’s whole area.

Kecskemét Bath has a covered water surface of 2800 square metres and it consists of a competition swimming pool, an aqua park, a wellness section and a regional spa. A restaurant also belongs to the building. The guests visiting the Bath can choose from a wide range of high-quality services. Six different sections can be found here: a competition swimming pool was built for people interested in doing sports, visitors looking for entertainment can enjoy the aqua park, guests longing for rest and relaxation can use the thermal zone and the sauna world, people in need of recovery can enjoy the wellness and therapeutic sections while those considering it important to eat heartily should visit the Aqua Restaurant.