Gyula is called righteously a city of spas, famous health-resort by the public opinion for 50 years. The main attraction of the city having a population of 35,000 is the Castle Bath taking pride in 1 000 000 well-contented guests per year. The heart of the city providing primarily the appeal of Gyula is formed by the ancient monument group of the mediaeval Castle and the spa connecting to it organically. The minister of health declared the 72 oC water of the Castle Bath, coming from the deepness of 2004 m to be medicated water in 1969, the bath to be spa in 1971 and the environment of the spa to be health-resort in 1985. After the reconstruction in 2002, the Castle Bath has emerged as the newest, most modern bath and spa of European standard in the South Great Plain region, where pleasure pools, children’s water paradise, effervescent or wave pools and giant or kamikaze slides provide all age-groups with perfect amusement. The site is also available in Russian, Polish, Romanian and Serbian languages.

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