The company is producing its popular upholsteries with the help of 60 looms. Besides the double plush and chenille materials, draperies belong to the companies profile as well. The Hungarian group of owners introduced new politics and principals regarding the companies commercial and business point of view. To create a balanced and cost-effective production system the representatives of ASTE 2000 Ltd. are often visiting partners dealing with furniture manufacturing in order to keep their collections up to date, introduce new products and research the market. The history of the factory dates back to the 1920’s. Once on the territory of the factory a steam mill had operated Then the mill was bought up by a Viennese businessman who found the property suitable for establishing a textile manufacture. The new firm, „The Hungarian Bed-cover and Upholstery Fabric under the name of Czeke & Hohenberg was incorporated on 31st August 1928.

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