Ligeti Studio – Furniture & Interior

The precursor of the Ligeti Studio was founded in 1987. It specialised in the development and manufacture of architectural interior design features. Entire production is undertaken on-site, the workshop has been established in Bernecebaráti in 1990. The purpose-built nature of the 1 hec. facility is ideal for the storage of wood-stock and providing the necessary conditions for the highest standards of modern production. The founder of the company, Ferenc Ligeti is an architect, his work typified by technical expertise, respecting form without compromise and traditional domestic thinking, allied with the transmission of the old master’s knowledge. The designers of the Ligeti Studio work closely with the craftsmen throughout production, ensuring mutual involvement during the entire design effort – from initial design to the finished product. From glass, metal or textile specialists to filigrees and wood sculptors, all are equal partners in design.

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