The Rezműhely Kft was established in 1991. Since that time, they have become the determinative factor of the renovation of historic bulidings in Hungary, Belgium and Austria. They participated in numerous renovations of national monument’s and the furbishing of the decorative ornament structures and the tinsmithwork. These all extend the amount of our references. The company’s main profile is manufacturing and renovating decorative ornaments. The well-equipped workshop and the professional knowledge rendered their uniqueness possible in Hungary. This is the trademark of Rezmuhely for 20 years. The company has been working on constructions for more than 10 years in Belgium. Their first challange was the reconstruction of the ornamental metal’s structure on the Palace of Justice in 1999. They also export their home made products to Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, United Kingdom, United States of America and Japan. Their group consists of 25 experts who are punctual and precize building craftsmen – ornament tinsmiths, tinsmiths, carpenters, roofing contractors – making a very effective group. Furthermore, the firm is in good relationship with constant, responsible subcontractors in case of extra need of carpenters, tinsmiths and sculpters. The firm is dedicated to perpetuating the tradition of roof ornaments and passing on a unique, noble art to future generations.

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