Near 500 photos and many tricks and ideas in the topic of interior decoration. Products: molding, moulding, carving molding, carving moulding, crown molding, carving for cabinet maker, rattan otherwise tonett (thonett, tonet, thonet) material, mission trellis from wood, door decor, rattan material, matting, sliding door panel, material for door panel, door panel, wallboard. Natural way of the interior furnishing with sizal, brown tropical cane, bamboo cane in many forms: as bamboo bar, bamboo pillar, bamboo beaverboard, bamboo blinds and many other things made from bamboo. Not only for cabinet makers, interior designer, decorator, joiner, but with a little manual skill and little endurance you can also make many wonderful and useful things. Certainly professionals can use these product to make unique furniture and door panel for their customers.

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