2008. April • 3.

ADECCO has branches in all regions of the country in order to get a full geographical coverage. The headquarters, a recruitment office for permanent placement, two recruitment offices for temporary placement, one specified recruitment office and the financial office are located in Budapest, and there are further local branches in Debrecen, Kecskemét, Szombathely, Gyõr, Gyöngyös, Miskolc and on-site offices in Gödöllõ, Nagykanizsa and Ózd. Adecco has more than 70 permanent employees providing high level services for clients and temporary associates, recruiting more than 300 people a year for permanent positions and hiring 2500-2800 temporary associates every day. The company has also extended the range of services providing a wide selection of human services from executive search, permanent and temporary placement to outplacement.

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