Ashcroft Communications Agency

2008. April • 3.

Ashcroft has been serving TMP Worldwide clients and local firms since 2001. The close relationship with TMP’s international network with operations in seventeen countries enables the company to implement a global know-how on a rather challenging local market. Besides the traditional recruitment practice and techniques, the agency uses new, effective and creative methods to reach and attract the most qualified jobseekers, who will constitute the basis of the success and future of the clients. Ashcroft offers target group specific communication programs that positively determine the brand image, significantly enhance the efficiency and cost effectiveness of recruitment, help to retain talented employees, and directly support the company`s PR intentions and popularity. The team consists of communication experts who serve our clients with all their advertising agency, media planning and HR consulting experience and expertise. Services offered include employer branding, recruitment advertising, interactive recruitment, student communications, employee communications, response management.

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