Bonus Party Service

2008. April • 22.

Bonus Party Service offers catering services with genuine appearance within the event organization market today as well as the option to create special color and emotional effects. The color of textiles, plates, cutlery and other supplements have been selected upon scientific soundness in line with the colors of various decoration elements and other supplements. The simple and elegant broken white and the variety of colors are all attainable. Catering services: Banquetts, Standing receptions, Congress meals, Cocktail parties, Classic business lunches, Sandwich parties, Coffee breaks, Grill and Barbecue parties, Family and sports days, Christmas menu, Santa Claus party, Cheese and wine party, Cocktail bar, Coffee bar, Spectacular food counters, From the depth of seas, Market cheese vortex, Japanese Sushi Bar, Chocolate fountain, Cigar corner, Wine tasting.

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