Cinefest – Miskolc

2007. June • 29.

CineFest International Festival of Young Filmmakers – Name a place where representatives of professional organizations, critics, international and national directors, cameramen, producers are partying all night long. In Miskolc, young filmmakers find a home. By the success of the last three year, the festival has now a very good reputation not only in the region and in Hungary but also worldwide. Within the frameworks of the CineFest the international competitors compete in all categories of filmmaking: long feature films, short feature films, experimental films, animations and documentaries. The prizes are given by an international board in each and every category, together with the main prize of the Festival and with special prizes. Those who love film can extend their knowledge on several professional and cultural events beside the screenings. Organizers also offer evening programs with music, dancing and all sorts of leisure activities.

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