Czigler&Czigler Timber Production – Győrság

Czigler&Czigler Timber Production and Trading Kft. is one of the most significant producers of wainscot and strip floor in the region of Western-Hungary, operating in this form since 1998, and is in Hungarian ownership up to 100%. The parts of the establishment located on nearly 3900 m² area are the plant of 300 m² area and the 500 m² warehouse. Czigler&Czigler Timber Production Kft. imports over 10000 m³ sawn-fir per annum, with its production capacity being 450000 m² timber covering per year. Main profile is the production of fir wainscot and strip floor, but the company also produces fir plates, profile strips and door frieze plates. The company is involved in wholesale trading and retail trading alike, the selection of the offered products is enriched by the various environmentally friendly surface treatment materials, parquet, as well as bio-timber briquette, becoming ever more popular in Hungary

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