Deco-Foam Embellishments – Debrecen

Besides DECO-FOAM polystyrene embellishments, the company displays in its shop the widest choice of exterior and interior gypseous and polystyrene decor battens, embellishments of other companies in the country. In the shop you can buy or order: MARBET, BOVELACCI, NMC, HOMESTAR, DECOSA, BLUE-DEKORATION, BOVIRA, ANRO, NYITRAY EC, BENSIKER decor battens and embellishments. The company also produces exterior and interior decor battens, consoles, broad-stones, columns, pipe shells, fillets, embellishments in wide choice of units and for individual order logos, superscriptions. DECO-FOAM embellishments can be bought at several points of the country thanks to the agents and resale network.

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