Hungarian Association of IT Companies

2007. June • 25.

The tasks of the Association (IVSZ) are: ensuring that the ICT industry is among the winners of our EU integration, developing an “Info communication” Association, and integrating telecommunications companies into the Association, making IVSZ a strong and effective lobbying force, one that works with the government to ensure that IVSZ is consulted before important decisions are made, ensuring that IVSZ becomes a think tank for public administration within Hungary, and for Hungary-related issues within the EU, strengthening the role as an “IT Industry Club”, and improving communication among our members, supporting productive work in the various sections (providing infrastructure, information, travel and other arrangements, Presidium reports etc.); providing EU-related training, consulting, and establishing a Tender Centre; improving communication within the Association and beyond; supporting small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and improve their ability to establish positions in the marketplace.

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