Hungarovin Winery

2007. July • 26.

The legal predecessor of the company was established as a joint export company of Hungarian wine producers in 1971. The company has grown to be a key player in Hungarian viniculture and viticulture, and has retained its positions even in the transformation period after 1989, a time of crisis for Hungarian winemaking. Due to the takeover in 1992, Henkell & Söhnlein Wiesbaden became the majority owner of Hungarovin. The company’s more than 20 kilometres long cellar system, a characteristic feature of Budafok, provides ideal conditions for storing and ageing wine. The 1000 hectare vineyard, also owned by Hungarovin, situated west of Budapest in the Etyek wine region, held by experts reminiscent of the Champagne region, is perfect for growing grapes yielding sparkling wine base wines, quality white wines as well as other wines.

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