Interbook – Bookkeeping & Accounting Consultation

INTERBOOK, a Limited Liability Company for Bookkeeping and Accounting Consultation was founded on July 1, 1996. Before 1996 the company operated as the accounting department of Ernst & Young Hungary Kft. On July 1 1996, “Ernst & Young Bookkeeping and Accounting Ltd”, a daughter company of Ernst & Young, has been established, which then changed its name to “INTERBOOK Bookkeeping and Accounting Consulting Ltd” on May 15, 2000. Changes in local and international accounting law made the company necessary to get full independency from the auditor firm. INTERBOOK offers services at the area of full scope accounting, taxation, consulting and payroll activities. These activities can include regular (monthly) double-entry bookeeping service, preparation of annual reports as required by local law, reporting in Hungarian, English or German according to the Client’s requirements, but also development of internal regulations in compliance with the applicable law. Beyond these regular services INTERBOOK’s experts are ready to provide Clients with specific business consultation to help improving their operational proficiency.

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