Investment Opportunities in Nógrád County

2007. July • 19.

From Budapest, the capital of Hungary, you can get to Nógrád county by car within 90 minutes. While in Budapest there is already a shortage of labourers (the registered rate of unemployment is 3.3 %), Nógrád county has considerable reserves of labour force (the registered rate of unemployment is 14.2 %). In contrast with the crowds and pollution caused by heavy traffic in Budapest, Nógrád county is a clean and quiet area for investments and living here. And the countryside with verdant hills and lush forests offers many sights worth visiting. Topics covered by the site: Realized new investments, Micro-region of Balassagyarmat, Micro-region of Bátonyterenye, Micro-region of Pásztó, Micro-region of Rétság, Micro-region of Salgótarján, Micro-region of Szécsény.

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