Light Odyssey Hungary

2007. June • 10.

Light Odyssey Hungary Film Tecnology Ltd. was founded in March 2002 as a partner of Light Odyssey Incorporation. One of the owners of our company is Lajos Koltai HSC, ASC (director of Evening, Fatelessness, DOP of Being Julia, Malena, Sunshine, La leggenda del pianista sull’oceano, etc.) and Gyula Pados HSC (DOP of Fatelessness, Controll, Evening, Basic Instinct 2, etc.) The main business of the firm is the production, rent and distribution of technical equipment for the film industry. State-of-the-art European and overseas equipment that is continously being developed and expanded up to the highest standards in film and video production. Sophisticated solutions for special filming situations (underwater lighting, life protection equipment, rain and lightning machines, dollies, cranes, trusses, intelligent lights, etc.).

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