Millennium City Center

The Millennium City Center site is situated on the last large vacant parcel of riverfront land in Budapest. It is located on the Pest (commercial) side of the river just south of Budapest’s big ring road, at the terminus of a regional commuter train and near the road to the airport. Originally the 1996 World Exposition, jointly hosted with Vienna, was to be located on the site. The Expo never materialized and TriGránit purchased the 5.5 hectare site in 2000. The government has been actively involved in the development of the site to date, with the Hungary’s new National Theatre open on one of the parcels. The remainder of the project will incorporate residential, cultural, hotel, and office uses into one large-scale development that will be constructed according to market demand. The area of the Millennium City Center is approximately 10 hectares including 11 individual plots.

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