Rexplo 21 – Gunpowder Production & Trading

The REXPLO 21 Powder Manufacturing and Trading Co. Ltd. what is located in Balatonfűzfő nearby to the Lake Balaton, have been founded in 1921. The company has the all required licenses for the whole scale of the production and trading activity being in its profile likes as: powders for hunting, sport and military types of ammunitions, propellants for different types of pyrotechnics, fire-works equipments and signallers. The manufacturing procedure of the “REXPLO 21” Hungarian gunpowder factory is based on an original Hungarian patent, what is used for the production process; this patent (using alcohol-acetone mixture and potassium nitrate method to get the powder) gives a very good quality of the powder. The factory is in the lead of the world powder producers more than 87 years, producing approximately 25 disk and tubular type’s porous hunting, sport and military powders. Among these, the factory is world famous in producing single based and special types hunting and sport powders and good quality military powders too, depending on the buyers’ requirement.

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