Wallis Investment, Consulting and Asset Management Ltd.

2007. July • 2.

The Wallis Group is a significant player in the Hungarian economy. The group’s total revenue exceeded HUF 61 billion in 2005. The company has 1445 employees, and in 2005 its consolidated net worth was HUF 14.8 billion. The most significant firms of Wallis Ltd. are: Graboplast Ltd. specializing in floor manufacture. Wallis Real Estate Ltd., a leading company in real estate development; through its subsidiary companies Wallis Real Estate provides an almost full range of services in connection with real estate and runs several real estate projects valued at over HUF 10 billion. Wallis Auto Holding is in the automotive business; its portfolio consists of six car dealerships, one car rental and one car-part distribution company. In the spring of 2006 Wallis expanded its portfolio with the environmental protection industry by purchasing 49% of Geohidroterv Engineering Geology, Environmental Protection and Water Management Ltd.. In the fall of 2006 Wallis launched its real-estate-financing-based financial leasing activity when it founded Milton Financing Ltd..

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