2007. July • 6.

The Balassi Bálint Institute, founded on January 1, 2002, is a legal successor, with full authority, of the Hungarian Language Institute (with a history of nearly half a century) and of the International Hungarological Centre (established in 1989). The new institute carries on the basic activities of these two institutions, to which several new ranges of duties have been added. The Institute contributes to the teaching of the Hungarian language and Hungarian studies for non-Hungarians living or provisionally residing in Hungary. For foreigners who receive a state scholarship and are admitted to higher education, it provides preparation in their main subject, information technology and a foreign language. It performs the duties related to the cultivation of the Hungarian language and education of Hungarians living beyond the borders of Hungary; participates in the extended education, linguistic and terminological follow-up training of teachers of Hungarian and other experts beyond the national borders. It organises courses on Hungarian studies and minority rights. In co-operation with the international network of institutions for Hungarian studies, it promotes the education and research of the Hungarian language and culture as well as Hungarian studies abroad. It gives preparatory courses for state-approved language exams in Hungarian as a foreign language, organises exams and takes part in formulating the quality assurance requirements of the language exams.

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