The Hungarian Language – Journal Of The Society Of Hungarian Linguistics. Magyar Nyelv [The Hungarian Language] is the official journal of the Hungarian Linguistic Society, founded in 1904. It was first published in 1905, and has been regularly appearing since then, with no year skipped. Initially, it was financed by donations coming from members of the Society; since 1945 it is financially supported by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, too. For quite some time now, it has been published quarterly, i.e. in four issues a year, running to an annual total of 32 printed sheets (cca 520 pages). Its primary aim, when it was founded, was to provide a forum for the scholarly investigation, as well as public and educational cultivation, of the Hungarian language. Upon the widening of the scope of interest of the membership of the Society and the increase in the number of its various sections, the range of topics covered by the journal gradually extended beyond the linguistics of Hungarian to that of other languages studied in Hungary, thus primarily to the fields of Germanistics, Romanistics and Slavistics, as well as general and applied linguistics.

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