Types of operations: Face-, neck-, forehead-, temple-lifting. Facial rejuvenation; Blepharoplastie; Wrinkle filling, lip augmentation; Ear plasty; Mastopexy, breast reduction; Turn-in nipples correction; Treatment of male gynecomastia; Breast augmentation; Ingrown nail; Intimate surgery in women: reduction labioplasty; Liposuction with ultrasound (chop, belly, hip, thigh, etc.); Hair implantation with micro-, and minigrafts; Substitution of eyebrow, moustache, pubic hair; Skin alteration (tattoo, mole, wart, other benign and malignant dermatoma); Hammer toe, knob; Nail disease; Treatment of leg teleangiectasia (vein sclerotherapy); Laser surgical interventions; Micro-tattoo; Skin transplantation, skin polishing; BIOPTRON light therapy.

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