Optima Forma 2003 – Plastic Surgery

Breast augmentation -Not only the size of small or sagging breast is corrected, by also its shape can be modulated. Reduction of breasts – Reduction of breasts means the breasts to the desired volume. Mastopexy – a plastic surgery technique, when breasts are transformed from sagging to stiff. Gynecomastia – Gynecomastia means enlargements of men’s breast. Abdominoplasty – the sagged, loosen abdominal skin is extracted together with the subcutaneous fat so restoring the stiffness. Liposuction – the surplus fat at several places of the body is pruned away using a small incision. Blepharoplasty – the loose, wizened surplus of skin is removed. Upper blepharoplasty unmakes the excess of skin lying on the eye. Botox, Wrinkle inj. Therapy, lips enlargement – one of the methods to rejuvenate cheeks. Otoplasty – dissolving tagging or other deformities of ears. Rhinoplasty – dissolving hook-nose or other deformities. Renewal of the face – several methods for the renewal of the face not substituting each other. Resurfacing with laser -removing creases of face that are not too deep, to correct crusts due to blisters.

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