2010. August • 24.

This dental clinic is located in central Budapest. The dental surgery employs the newest technologies and the most modern materials and equipment to guarantee patients a level of quality that is in accordance with western standards as well. The most common treatments are the following:X-rays produced with digital technologies, burned to CDs; Prostheses, bridges, crowns made from “Vita” porcelain; prostheses with special fixing mechanisms, stable and partial prostheses (removable, but not visible, and fixed); removable bridges; traditional and modern, aesthetic fillings, inlays (tooth colored, transparent); dental implants – new: implants you can use right away; jawbone density measurement; dental surgery; laser treatments (diode laser – surgery, root canal treatment); soft laser to accelerate the healing of aphtha, herpes, and wounds in the mouth; teeth whitening with various methods.

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