Istenhegyi Private Clinic

The clinic’s activity was started in 1999 and up today it be­came one of the biggest pri­vate health institutions. The con­sult­ing rooms, the 2 op­er­a­ting the­a­tres with modern equip­ment, also the wards with bathrooms are situated on app. 1200 sqm area. In addition to traditional medical consultation the range of services is widened by varicose and skin laser therapy, outpatient’s department for pain, headache, slimming program with special INSUmed nutrition additive, Bemer magnetic treatment. In the Clinic’s Gene Diagnostic Centre high levelled molecular diagnose are exected for which the most modern molecular biological techniques are used (qualitative and quantitative PCR, FISH, immunohistochemistry). Traditional cy­to­ge­ne­tic, cy­to­logical and histological tests complemented by modern genetic tests’ results give possibility for a complex di­ag­nosis.

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