Kardirex Healthcare Centre – Győr

Kardirex Healthcare Centre is the largest private healthcare institute of Győr-Moson-Sopron County since Kardirex Healthcare Centre is situated in one of the most central suburbs of Győr. Within the county clients can visit the Centre’s clinics in Csorna, Kapuvár, Mosonmagyaróvár, Zalaegerszeg and Budapest. Services include: general surgical and proctological consultation, accident and hand surgical consultation, internal medicine consultation, dermatological consultation, cytopathology, bone -densitometria, diabetological consultation, endocrinological consultation, life insurance medical examinations, vascular surgery consultation, basic occupational healthcare, oto-rhino-laryngological consultation, gastroenterological consultation, family doctor practice, neurological consultation, driving licence validation, firearm licence, cardiological consultation, laboratory tests, manager examination, gynaecological consultation, ortopedic and sport surgical consultation,rheumatological consultation, ophthalmological consultation, pulmonological consultation, ultrasound-diagnostic consultations, urological consultation.

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