Yoga for Women & Pregnancy

Birthlight Yoga for Pregnancy, Shakti Yoga for Women: Réka Gáborjáni started practising yoga 19 years ago in a previous political and cultural era when yoga was not such a fashionable fitness business as it has become by now. In 2003 she earned a Birthlight Pre and Postnatal Yoga Diploma in Cambridge, UK with Francoise B. Freedman. Since then she has also been participating in teacher-training Birthlight instructors in Hungary. As a doula she learns and practises empathy every day, and this work influences the atmosphere of her friendly, accepting and personal classes. Reka offers general Shakti yoga classes for women in small groups, private yoga lessons, private yogatherapy sessions for special needs, yoga for pregnancy: pre- and postnatal period (classes or private lessons), doula service.

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