Harkány, the city of spas began its continously advancing way as a city for medicinal tourism 180 years ago. The workers draining the swamps by Harkány were the first to feel the curative effect of the water. The city and the spa of Harkány is deserved to call the „Mecca of the people suffering from rheumatic diseases” The century-long past of Harkány is the testimony, that it’s sulfuric water has an almost exclusive curative effect. Hotel Ametiszt *** welcomes its guest in the centre of Harkány since 2006 in a quiet and relaxing atmosphere, 250 metres far from the Spa of Harkány. The rooms are modern and high-standard furnished, most of them is equipped with a terrace. The hotel has a roomy and well-ordered garden. The „Attila kert” garden and restaurant belonging to the hotel serves dishes of Hungarian cuisine. The site is also available in Croatian, Czech, Polish languages

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