Lake Tisza Portal

2007. April • 18.

Lake Tisza: A few dacades ago people had an extraordinary idea, and conjured up a lake right in the middle of the steppe, the Great Hungarian Plain. This extraordinary area of 127 square kms, created by damming the River Tisza, was given the name Lake Tisza. We rightly called it extraordinary because it is not even strictly speakin a lake, because of the river current that flows through it. At some spots, where we see the sailboats and windsurfers skimming over the choppy waters, or the colourful cavalcade of guesthouses and restaurants, or when we hear the merry hubbub of bathers, we could imagine ourselves at a smaller brother of the Balaton. Homepage of the Lake Tisza Regional Tourist Project Office: 7 good reasons for visiting Lake Tisza, eco-tourism, fishing, holiday on the beach, thermal baths and spas, bicycle tourism, horse-riding, village tourism, ideas for adventures. The site is also available in Polish and Slovak languages.

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