Northern Great Plain Portal

2007. April • 18.

The North Plains: The picturesque beauty of the rivers, the table-top smoothness of the open plains, the green, marshy, flat nature preserves, the arboretums filled with bountiful, lush plant life – all this will you find in the North Plains. At the same time, you will find Roman-era small churches replete with beautiful belfries, as well as baroque churches which break towards the sky. 5-star hotels or smart little peasant houses with the traditional Hungarian hospitality are here for those who come from near or far. Homepage of the Hungarian National Tourist Office Northern Great Plain Regional Marketing Directorate offers information about: museums, natural resources, sights, spa baths, spa hotels, hospitality, accommodations, rural tourism, castle hotels, event venues, riding, wine cellars. The site is also available in Russian, Slovak and Polish languages.

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