Saint Vincent Cellar – Tállya

2007. July • 26.

The 200 years old noble family`s house has been stylishly restored and put in two apertments furnished by old furniture of the end of the XIXth century. The large garden is guarded by a high stone-built fence and the rain-covered dinner place is able to receive 35-40 persons. The dishes can be prepared at the rustic fire-place or in a stone-built oven. The 200 m long, labirynth wine cellar hollowed into the volcanic soil, keeps the several kinds of traditionally aged Tokaj wines permanently at 10-12 °C. In the classic Tokaj cellar covered by noble mould (Cladosporium Cellare) that gives ideal athmosphere, 8 sqm closeable boxes, able to age about 1600 bottles or 16 hl of vine can be hered.

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