Villány-Siklós Wine-Route

The Villány-Siklós Wine-Route is the first wine-route of Hungary, established in the autumn of 1994 on the basis of the endowments of the Villány region, with the joint efforts of eight settlements, private vine-growers and wine-makers, entrepreneurs, and NGOs, following the example of German, Austrian and French models. As the result of the gradually growing interest in the past years, today the wine-route winds along 11 settlements. In the neighborhood of the Villány Hills, from the Shrine of Máriagyűd to the Cellar Village of Palkonya, there is a wide range of wine-tastings, traditional cellars, wine contests, festivals, folklore events waiting for the guests. Along the way, the historical memorial sites, the beauties of nature, and the folk architecture in the villages and in the vineyards offer interesting sights. Local dishes and fine wines await the guests in the houses offering rural accommodation, the pensions and the hotels.

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