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The buildings of the Disznókő vine-estate are some of the most magnificent and spectacular vinicultural buildings in Hungary and in Central-Europe. The oldest parts of the building-group were built at the end of the 18th century. The Yellow Wine House, the belvedere standing on top of the hill and the Baroque style watchtower a bit further above the vineyards are all reminiscent of the long past. The new elements of the building-group, the wine-press house and the tractor garage were built according to the plans of Ybl-prize winning architect Dezső Ekler in 1995. Disznókő is one of the ancient estates of the wine region where you can get to know the method of making Tokaj wines, the modern wine-making and the most magnificent Tokaj wines during a walk on the estate and wine-tasting in the cellar, which can be crowned by a feast of regional dishes in the Yellow Wine House Inn.

The Villány-Siklós Wine-Route is the first wine-route of Hungary, established in the autumn of 1994 on the basis of the endowments of the Villány region, with the joint efforts of eight settlements, private vine-growers and wine-makers, entrepreneurs, and NGOs, following the example of German, Austrian and French models. As the result of the gradually growing interest in the past years, today the wine-route winds along 11 settlements. In the neighborhood of the Villány Hills, from the Shrine of Máriagyűd to the Cellar Village of Palkonya, there is a wide range of wine-tastings, traditional cellars, wine contests, festivals, folklore events waiting for the guests. Along the way, the historical memorial sites, the beauties of nature, and the folk architecture in the villages and in the vineyards offer interesting sights. Local dishes and fine wines await the guests in the houses offering rural accommodation, the pensions and the hotels.

The winery is unique in that it exports the most bottles of Hungarian wine to Britain – over 6 million out of the 7 million bottles of wine produced each year. And this is the world’s toughest wine market where the best estates from all around the world compete for customers. In this field Hilltop has managed to secure a stable market and has won esteem from many quarters, including the winery’s success in 1998 when its Cserszegi Fűszeres was chosen “White Wine of the Year”. The range of products is extensive as the winery produces and bottles almost 40 varieties of wine as well as 3 types of törköly pálinka (Hungarian grappa) and a méthode traditionelle sparkling wine. The Hilltop Wine Hotel and Restaurant extend a warm welcome to guests seeking relaxation and entertainment. The restaurant with the most stunning view of the Danube in Hungary offers a wide range of food and colourful events in all seasons of the year: Vintage events, the new wine festival and the all-year-round opportunity to taste pálinka and wine.

Located 200 km north-east of Budapest, not far from the Slovak and Ukrainian borders, the Tokaj-hegyalja (Tokaj Foothills) winegrowing region is in the southernmost part of the volcanic mountains that branch off from the Carpathian chain. The region and its principal towns can easily be reached by car (taking the M3 motorway from Budapest to Miskolc, then the No.37 highway) or by train (there are a number of direct trains from Budapest and from Miskolc). The site is also available in Polish language.

The Egri Korona Wine-House and Wine-Village is only about one and a half hour tour from Budapest, situated in the midst of a 200 hectare vineyard, nearby the hot spring of Egerszalók. It provides excellent recreation and relaxation for young ones and adult as well.

Due to the recently made significant investments, the winery has become a state of the art wine production plant, providing consistency and quality whilst maintaining the great traditions of viticulture and of the predecessor, whereby the quality of the grape reflects in the quality of the wine. The company’s modern bottling plant is equipped with the most up-to-date technology currently available, ensuring the safe handling of our quality wines aged traditionally in wooden and/or barrique barrels. The production capacity is approximately 2 million bottles per annum.

The Wunderlich wine cellars were named after the chief vintner and co-proprietor, Wunderlich Alajos, who is well-known as “Lojzi”. The output capacity is annual 250.000 bottles, the bottle aging capacity 480.000 bottles. The Wunderlich Wine Cellars mix the 21th century top wine technologies with the traditions. This provides opportunity for Lojzi to achieve his professional ideas, in the meantime he can make experiments, too. With appointment, visitors can visit the size and style wise unique Wunderlich Winery, seeing how the traditionally built fermenting cellar with the high level fermenting and processing technology can live together. They can explore the smell, colours and taste of the Wunderlich wines and the special wines in the bottle-fermenting cellar that will get out to the market in only 3-4 years time.

Wine cellar, Hotel and Restaurant in Villány. In the cellar immediately below the hotel and You can receive insight into the secrets of wine-making. Situated in the heart of Villány, the 4 stars Bock Hotel Ermitage awaits all devotees of wine culture, gastronomy and wellness in the name of quality relaxation. With its rustic, slightly home-made cooking style, an ever-changing menu, and the cellar’s excellent wines, the Bock Óbor Restaurant awaits those looking forward to an exciting culinary experience. In the Webshop you can purchase, in addition to the familiar Bock wines, real specialities, award-winning wines and selections. The site is also available in Polish language.

The Rózsakő Wine Cellar began life as a small tavern (Márti Tavern) that slowly grew to form what today is the Rózsakő Wine Cellar. The Rózsakő Wine Cellar Restaurant was built in 1997 in the “peasant baroque” style on Badacsony Hill under the basalt organ pipes and right next to the main tourist route through Badacsony. The Cellar welcomes guests to an atmospheric wine cellar equipped to host a party of up to 50 people and a romantic garden that will accommodate up to 150 guests surrounded by vineyards.

The family’s tradition of winegrowing goes back for centuries. The wineyards can be found in the hills between Fertõrákos and Balf where the unique climate of Lake Fertõ, the excellent soil and plenty of sunshine give everything that the Cabernet sauvignon, Pinot noir, Blue Frankish and Zweigelt wines need. What can you expect if you taste Luka wine? An intresting duality of masculine character and female lightness.