2007. July • 26.

The Wunderlich wine cellars were named after the chief vintner and co-proprietor, Wunderlich Alajos, who is well-known as “Lojzi”. The output capacity is annual 250.000 bottles, the bottle aging capacity 480.000 bottles. The Wunderlich Wine Cellars mix the 21th century top wine technologies with the traditions. This provides opportunity for Lojzi to achieve his professional ideas, in the meantime he can make experiments, too. With appointment, visitors can visit the size and style wise unique Wunderlich Winery, seeing how the traditionally built fermenting cellar with the high level fermenting and processing technology can live together. They can explore the smell, colours and taste of the Wunderlich wines and the special wines in the bottle-fermenting cellar that will get out to the market in only 3-4 years time.

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